REVIEW: Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick

Jeffree Star. He’s an entrepreneur, makeup artist, fashion designer, and the list goes on! He has his own makeup line called Jeffree Star Cosmetics. I was scrolling through his img_5041-1online shop one day and I was looking at all of the Velour Lipsticks and I was IN LOVE with all of the colors. There was red, lime green, blue, black, even white! Colors I’ve never even seen before used as a lipstick color! It was so hard to pick just a couple of lipsticks. I wanted them all!! To me finding the perfect lipstick involves three characteristics. If you read my post from two weeks ago these are the three questions I use to separate the good lipsticks from the bad ones.

1.) Do I like the color of it?
2.) How long will it last on my lips//how often do I have to reapply it?
3.) Does it make my lips look dry and cracked?

I have to admit I forgot what Velour meant when I read it. I looked it up and it’s a fabric that has a soft touch to it. As I look at these lipsticks they do exactly that. It glides on smooth and dries to a comfortable, matte touch. It ended up taking me three hours to narrow it down to three different lipsticks. The three lipsticks I chose were Doll Parts, Blue Velvet, and Androgyny. Each lipstick was $18. That’s honestly such a great buy. Lipsticks nowadays cost over 20 bucks and it can start getting pretty expensive when you start adding things to your cart.
_DSC1148The first color I tried was called “Doll Parts.” Pretty In Pink. This is such a sweet and delicate color. It went on like buttah, and there was absolutely no trouble. I swatched this color on my wrist. It’s such a beautiful color. The description for this lipstick is “soft cool toned pink.”   I also paired it with my pink sparkly eyeshadow which completed the look in my opinion! This is such a great color for an everyday use.


The second color I tried was “Blue Velvet.” My absolute favorite! Why?? Because of the intensity and brightness of the lipstick! A beautiful shade of blue I may add. I’ve tried many blue lipsticks and many of them don’t go on quite as easily as the Jeffree Star one does! This lipstick makes a statement indeed! Ooohhh and this lipstick smells like licorice. 🙂


The last and final lipstick I tried is called “Androgyny.”  I am absolutely in love with this color. Simple, yet this lipstick paired with a black top and jeans. Yessss! Honestly, though, this lipstick would pair beautifully with anything!

_DSC1212img_5242-1All in all, I am so happy with all the colors that I bought! I swatched all three colors on my arm. Which one is your favorite out of the three?? Doll Parts and Androgyny are more for everyday use and Blue Velvet is when you are feeling a little more fancier and bold. Unless you’re like me and blue velvet is the perfect everyday lipstick color!

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